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What is Probiotic All-Flora?

Probiotic All-flora is a probiotic supplement with 9 different strains and 8 billion cells per 2 capsules.

Other Features

Capsules do a poor job of protecting probiotics from digestive juices. The capsules of Probiotic All-Flora are not enteric coated.

Probiotic All-Flora has 9 different strains and an inulin prebiotic.

Dyes or Artificial Coloring

Probiotic All-Flora has no dyes or artificial ingredients .


Probiotic All-Flora has 9 probiotic strains and 8 billion cells. It also has inulin prebiotic. Ingredient Analysis:

Criteria Our Comments
Prebiotics Prebiotics are a food source for probiotics. Probiotic All-Flora has an inulin prebiotic.
Number of Probiotic Strains There are thousands of different kinds of organisms living in your colon. Some are more helpful than others.Probiotic All-Flora has 10 strains and does not include S. boulardii.
Number of CFUs (in billions) Probiotic All-Flora has 8 billion CFUs total in 2 capsules.
Enteric Coating Digestive juices may destroy many probiotic organisms. An enteric coating or delayed-release system that releases probiotics in the colon may help keep them alive. Probiotic All-Flora has no enteric coating.
No artificial coloring or dyes Probiotic All-Flora does not have any artificial dyes or coloring.

Probiotic All-Flora Ingredients

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Capsules
Amount Per Serving %Daily Value
Organic Fermented Soy 750 mg *
Organic Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin 125 mg *
Organic Apple (fruit) 90 mg *
Proprietary Probiotic Blend: 35 mg, 8 billion CFUs *
S. thermophilus
L. rhamnosus
B. breve
L. acidophilus
B. infantis
B. longum
L. plantarum
L. salivarius
L. helveticus

Other ingredients: Organic rice flour and sunflower lecithin.

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