Bifidobacterium breve

About B. breve

In medical studies, ailments such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea, allergies, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome have been linked to a patient’s shortage of the B. breve bacteria. The presence of B. breve appears to inhibit E coli. B breve is also present in the vagina, where it helps to inhibit overproduction of Candida albicans, also known as the primary cause of yeast infections in women.

Possible Benefits

In young babies who are breast-fed, B. breve has been found to make up a majority of the colon’s bacteria. As we age, many people lose a large number of the B. breve bacteria until it makes up less than ten percent of the digestive-related bacteria count. Less helpful bacteria which do not have the same immune benefits as B. breve may over-colonize the human body during times of illness or stress.

The job of B. breve in the digestive tract is to ferment sugars and produce lactic acid as well as acetic acid. B. breve has a superior ability to break down many types of food, even plant fibers that are normally considered non-digestible.


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